Oil Leak

i've seen the awnser to this question before, but, I want to make sure I have it all straight. Oil is leaking from near the sight glass on my '02 MXC 520. I understand this to be coming from the bolts that hold the rear brake lever spring on. If I remember correctly the fix is to put teflon tape on the threads of these bolts?

By the way. Finished with the break in process, and took my bike out to the Dez this past weekend. Un f***ing believeable. Incredible power, super smooth, turns great, suspension perfect, the button, nice range with big tank. Must have been doing 50 or 60 and still had another gear. This bike is a rocket. I have NEVER ridden a better all around machine.

Yes, some teflon tape or soft sealing compound (yamabond 4 works for me) on the bolt threads will stop the weeping around the sight glass.

I would recommend against the teflon tape. The bolt is open to oil inside the engine and little pieces of the tape could come off and possibly block an oil passage. I don't know from experience but it makes sense to me. I made a gasket from heat shrink tubing and put it behind the bracket and it stopped the leak.


01 400 MXC

00 XR400

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