400 vs 520...

If the 520 is the same weight as the 400 and only $300 more, then why do people buy the 400? Is the 520 just too much power?

I'm just doing research for purchasing my next bike. Wondering... Pondering... Figuring...


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Depends on what you prefer. The 400 is an awesome woods bike. Perfect power and they don't tire you out. The 520 has a lot more power. That can be a good thing or bad thing, or both. I've learned that having a lot more power than I can use just gets me in trouble and tires me out. I understand the 520 doesn't have the brutal hit of the Yamaha 4xx's but I'll stay with my 400.

Another consideration, especailly since you live in CO, is altitude. I understand bikes loose power the higher they go so the 520 might make for a better bike for the mountains.


John Brunsgaard


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In the open country out west...way out west like the Mojave, the 520 is great, plenty of power and compared to other bikes I've owned ( YZ400 and CR500 ) I find the 520 very easy to ride and not tiring. IMHO the 520 is hard to beat in open country.


Chris in the Mojave

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The 400 is easier to ride faster longer, but the 520 will put a bigger smile on your face!

Chris in the Mojave. Where do you buy your KTMs?? I am selling a 426 and will buy a 520EXC so have started checking around. I ride a lot at Dove Springs in the winter.

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