Play in front brake rotor

Hello all any advice welcome. I have a 2003 yz450. The front brake disk is, two pieces held together with Six rivets. I have noticed there is play here the two plates are moving a bit although still held together by the rivets. It is getting worse.

Am I right to assume a new rotor has no play and I require a new rotor asap.

Thanks in advance


Rivets are there so the disk can move otherwise it would be one solid piece.

This keeps it straight when things get hot due to heavy braking. It's a feature, not a problem.

There is some play in the floating disk but it can become excessive and effect braking performance. It may need replacing. Compare yours to a buddies or go into a shop and check one out on a couple of used bikes

Often it is the 'buttons' , or what you've called rivets, that wear out, causing excessive movement. The movement can be side to side, as well as back and forth. On street bikes (sports bikes at least), there are aftermarket disc rotor buttons/retainers available, some are anodized, it you're interested in bling..... Not certain if they're available for dirt bikes..... Check (or have checked) your disc to see whether it's the entire disc, or just the retainers that are worn excessively.

Thanks everybody for the input :banghead:

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