Where is this on my WR450?

I've had my WR450 for about 5 months now, and still can't find something I've been looking for. Where did they put the soft spot on the seat? :D

Coming from my old '84 IT490 I must say I miss the softer seat. But I sure do like the power and handling of this new beast! Plus the radiators help keep my legs warm, especially in the 100+ degree weather of southern Utah.

Get a more padded gluteus maximus. Donuts and Double-Doubles three times a day and you'll be there in a couple of weeks. For the warm knees, you can cut 4" square panels out of your pants and sew or glue in some household window screen. It's cheap and works well for added ventilation. Either that, or you can duct tape ziplocs full of ice to your thighs and wear them under your pants. Cool runnings bro :D ...SC

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