500 or 600 miles on my 02 400 exc so far. I have yet to use the kickstart.

LMAO!!! Man I only went about 10 miles before I tried it....Now I use the kickstarter when I want to piss my wife off as she starts her YZF250......Can't believe how easy it starts...use the button or kick, takes about the same amount of effort.

I've had my '01 520 since April - put 376 miles on it - and I still haven't tried the kickstarter.

I can’t understand what all you guys are doing with your bike. My 2002 520, purchased in August has over 2000 miles on it. I can’t stay off it.

Also, I have used my kicker only a couple of times. A YZF rider was complaining that my bike was only easy to start because of the e-start. I started my bike twice before he got his going.

I can’t wait for the LC8!

what's the "LC8"?

O.K., I confess, sometimes when I ride with my freinds, I "kick " the air while simultanaesly hitting my e-button. Really pisses them off. Never actually started it with the kick start thingy. Now it has become a pride issue..."and I ain't never gonna".



Steve ( 01' 520MXC 1992 Oregon cross country & ISDE 4stroke state champ (When 4strokes were made with solid 24carat lead)

Glad you asked. It is the first V twin motor that KTM have designed. It is based on the LC4 design, but in a twin, hence the title, LC8. It is being put in a Safari/Paris Dakar type bike. I am looking forward to it as I would like to do a little more road riding, but not on my 520.

Check it out on the KTM web page.

They have one definite buyer, that’s for sure.


Make sure you kick start that thing once and a while. You're starting to get spoiled.

I just pulled out the old XR400 last night just to run it for awhile. I had to kick the thing for quite a long time before I figured out it needed new gas. The wife would stick her head in the garage and ask if I still knew how to kick a bike over. Anyone need a 2000 XR400?


01 400 MXC

00 XR400

Naw. Just sold my old (98) XR 400. I am with Dirk. My bike is a 01 that I just purchased and I have almost 1000 miles on it. Having way to much fun with it to stay off it for more than a day or two at the most. Kinda funny, I can no longer start my wifes YZF250.......forgot how.....I actually act like I am yawning and stretching when my bike suddenly starts...of course acting totally surprised the whole time....

I know it sounds real pathetic to only have 375 miles on that beautiful '01 520EXC I've had since April, but summertime isn't very good riding weather around here. Temps of 110 degrees are pretty common until September so I bought it just as the riding "season" was ending. I know, I know...I'm a wimp. Even in the Fall, Winter, and Spring all I can manage is to get out once a weekend. And the rides I usually take are, at most, a very rugged 50 miles an outing. In the summer I prefer to waterski and ride the road bike to stay in shape. It's pretty sweet, though, when the bike has sat in the garage untouched for a month to simply hit the button and it fires right up. I promise that the mileage will be increasing rapidly here in the next few months. It's riding season!

Arbellspi - say three hail mary's and come to confession next week and you are forgiven. Just promise to ride.

I had a Yamahardtostart 400 for a year. I figure I kicked it enough to last me a few years, so I believe I will use the kick start on my 520 in 2003.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Mr YZ....You may be excused for using the e start. Lets all agree to meet here again next week to see who needs to be flogged for not increasing the milage on thier bikes.....Is it just me or is this turning into one of those twelve step programs???????? I hate those things!


What do you think of the 520 for a trail bike vs the 400? Is it as nimble as the 400exc? Planning on a new ride in 2003.


I think the 520 is a great trail bike. The wide ratio trans makes it a lot easier to ride the tight stuff, and still planty fast when the trail straightens out. Good throttle control is necessary, but it was just a necessary on my YZ. I have never ridden a KTM 400 so I can not compare the two. I am a 315lb guy so the 520 just seemed right for me.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I can run the kick starter through on my 01 520EXC till I find TDC the push it just past with the decompression lever then push it through solidly with my right HAND and it will start, hot or stone cold every time. I have done this several times and it tends to amaze some poeple.

I generaly just use the E-start also.

Mike, I've ridden the 520exc, I think that they are amazing bikes. My (our) WR's are okay in the tight stuff but the KTM's are way easier to ride. Now that I rode a 520 I dont know why anyone would get the 400 only because the 520 is soooo predictable from a power stand point. It can be a &%$#@! cat if you want it too but if you want to give it hell that you will probably bite off more than you can chew... It's like riding a bicycle that hauls ass. The 400 could only be more friendly that the 520 but since I've ridden a 520 I just cant see a drawback from having the extra ponies. If the Katoom 520 would hold more oil and was cheaper I would go out and get all Orange riding gear.

PS. My WR426 is a one kick wonder always!!! But if I felt that I couldnt start it every single time then I would get rid of it no problem.


Starting is not an issue, I am just looking for trailability in a big bore. 400 or better. I noticed that KTM lists the 400 and 520 as being the same weight. If this is true, why wouldnt you get the 520?

Rode a buddies WRF250 the other week.

Had to ask him what the funny shaped lever on RHS of engine was for.

When I got back I asked him what the lever at the LHS footpeg was for.



Peter H


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