help....03 450 exhaust

planning a ride to alleghney national forrest this weekend. My buddy bought an 03 450 last week end and then had to go out of town on business until thursday. so I offered to go over the bike and get it ready for the ride.

so I changed the oil, lubed and cleaned stuff blah, blah....then it dawned on me NO SPARK ARRESTOR (a problem in the nat forest). So the question is weather or not he has the stock pipe. It looks like it might be but the endcap has "Titanium" stamped on it. there are not other markings on the pipe except for the not for road use disclaimer. the lack of markings makes me think that it is stock, but I did not think that yammi used any titanimum components in it exhaust.

I need some quick opinions so I can get one over nighted if it is the stock pipe.



Yes, this is the stock exhaust, I have the same bike and it came with titanium stamped on the endcap. Go to or to and get a spark arrestor endcap. the spark arrestor is removable at any time. and all you have to do is drill out the old pop rivets and the encap should come right out, then if you have a rivet gun put the new encap in and use the supplied pop rivets. If you do not have a rivet gun they are about 20bucks for a good one and I have found that they are very useful for many things around the house/shop. I personally bought the Dubach racing endcap and I was extremly happy with the performance and Quality. I think that they are both around 100 dollars, and you should be able to get one at your local Yamaha shop. This is the only thing you can do unless you are capable of welding your own into the stock encap or buying a full aftermarket exhaust canister for at least 300 bucks :D Also I am positive this is the stock pipe you are talking about :D

thanks guys now i just need to see who can overnight an end cap :D

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