Full test on 520 EXC....?

Does any body know where I can see a full test of a 520 EXC? Has any mag done a shoot out between a WR 426 and the KTMs? Just curious as to what all of the mags thought.

Dirtrider does one every year. It's been a while though, so they're probably due. As I recall, the last time they did it, the 520 won the overall, but it just depended upon the type of riding as to what they preferred. The more motocross oriented the riding was, the better the WR fared. The XR650 was the best dessert rat. The KTM was the best in the Enduro type rides.

Thanks man. I am really enjoying my bike and was hoping that others had alot of the same impressions that I do.

An Australian magazine did a 7 way test this year. Between XR’s, WR, DRZ, VOR’s, Huskys and KTM’s.

mag is called Sidetrack, and focus’ on trailriding. KTM won overall, scoring 5 stars in all areas, including Engine, Suspension, braking, and different types of riding.

Don’t know how the comparison would go with MX, but I don’t ride that, so I don’t care.

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