Throttle Cables

Will the throttle cable assembly from a 00 or 01 YZ426 work on an 02?

I think so, but all three years have different part numbers, so I'm not positive about that. The one difference I did notice is the '02 has a "cover" that I presume goes over the cable and the throttle housing. This cover is absent on the '01 and '00 models. On the other hand, the two halves of the throttle housing are the same for all three years so I don't see why an '00 or '01 throttle cable wouldn't work on an '02. On the other end of the cables, I'm pretty sure there is no difference in the carbs on those three years, so you should be good there.

Here's a link to Yamaha's parts cataloge complete with exploded diagrams if you wan't to do a little more comparing for yourself. Yamaha Parts

Thanks for the info yzforme. The part numbers were my main concern like you said. I can get a brand new one for less than $25 so I might go that rought.

Sounds like the safe bet. :D

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