Small Exhaust Dilemma

It seems at my local track the number #67 yzf has got the attention of the rangers. My first run in was the ranger (a friend of mine) told me he wanted me to get a quiet core put on my full PC T4 system as he stated, even though most of my time is spent on the track, the bike is loud. My next trip out I got stopped for the same reason with spark arrestor and quiet core installed. My solution is to put the stock header pipe back on and go for a killer slip on exhaust that is quieter than the PC stuff or put my stock can back on and go for the Promoto Billet endcap assembly. The stock exhaust by itself is not necessarily quiet so can anyone give me any feedback on the Promoto Billet setup (power/loudness). I want to keep my power but obviously sound is my main concern. I could easy just slap on a slip on but the Promoto Billet route sounds more cost effective. Thanks in advance for the feedback :D

ovrrdrive has the PMB endcap and could answer you, where are you ovrr?

I have the PMB cap, it kicks ass. the quality is superb. the spark arrestor is pretty cool, you can take it out or leave it in. im not sure about the quiet insert but im told it does decrease power but NOT alot. all in all the PMB cap is a dam good deal for the price. and its USFS approved :D

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