KTM 400 EXC vs WR426

Long story short... I just don't enjoy road riding at all. I want to replace my 2001 KLR650 with a light, powerful bike that I won't want to replace in 6 months (this will be my third bike this year).

I really enjoy the power of my 650 and don't want to be frustrated when I hit the throttle.

I grew up riding dirt as a kid, and now 20 years later I'm really enjoying being back on trails. I will be doing mostly trail riding, but stopping to play every chance I get. I like to jump, nothing too big, but I'm tired of bottoming-out when I jump the KLR.

I'm willing to consider any of the 400 bikes. So far it looks like the Honda and Suzuki are not going to meet my needs without modification. The WR426 and KTM 400 EXC both seem to have a lot going for them.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that knows these bikes.


I've got an 01' 400EXC and it is a blast. I have found it to be very reliable and tough. I ride in eastern Canada and it's mostly woods. The bike is quite nimble in the trees but care must be used with the throttle if the front wheel is to stay on the ground. Top speed is crazy, last weekend I got a 300' cat-walk at 50mph coming over a hill in fifth! YIHAA!!!

The power is very predictable and this helps a ton when you get tired. I have never rode a 426 but a friend that has one rode my 400 and he said it had much smoother suspension and was less tiring to ride than his. He said the power of the 426 hits pretty hard.

Don't forget about that little red button and when I use the kickstart she fires first kick hot or cold.

Go ORANGE my friend!


"don't want to be frustrated when I hit the throttle"

You should consider the 520, same weight as the 400 and I'm quite sure you won't be "frustrated". I've been through a few bikes this year as well.... my 520 is a KEEPER! and I'm pretty jaded about POWER my last trail bike was a CR500 and the 520 has CR500 like power but will also happily trail ride with the kids....hell my WIFE likes to ride it! All that AND it is "OH MY GOD!!!" FAST.

I told another "regular" on the board that the 520 was a fast as the CR500 and he didn't believe me....until he rode it! HI TOM! smile.gif

If you want a keeper play bike, get the 520 MXC or EXC smile.gif


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'00 CR250R

'01 KX85

No doubt: For aggressive trail riding, the KTM is the better bike. On the negative side, more $ and tough to get.

Thanks everyone. I found a '01 520 EXC tonight for $5,600. Plan to pick it up tomorrow.

You'll love it!!! I just bought one. "THE MOST FUN BIKE EVER MADE"

Hey Madrob! Where are you from? Where do you ride?

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