Cam Bearing?

Can anyone tell me the tell tell signs of the cam bearing failing. I don't think I have the problem, but I don't know. I have seen a few posts about this and can't find them.

Increased top end engine noise.Sounds like a rumble. Also when you do valve adjustmet it is radically different from the last time you did it.They are very easy to replace,makes for a good winter project.



I believe the first sign is excess noise. I've also heard that when the bearings start to go, the WP seal usaully follows. This can be detected by weeping out of the left side of the barrel. I hope this isn't the case for you!

I show no current signs of the problem but I seem to remember that this happens in the 400s more than the 520s. I have noticed more noise than usual but my skid plate is loose and I haven't riden the bike without the skid plate off. I will do this this weekend. Thanks for the info and I hope I don't have a problem.


Can you replace these bearings without removing the motor from the bike ?

(I just bought me 2 sealed SKF bearings - about 7 $ each)

Jo Vandebriel

Yes you can, but you have to remove the top half of the head (among other things). Jeb has a post, either here or on Holeshot, describing what he did. It's rather helpful. smile.gif

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