Another fix for the compression damping!!

1998 WR400. First off I never go near a MX track so I don't understand why the forks are meant to be so stiff on high speed damping. I just know that a blast through a tight section jars the hell out of me with standard forks. So I set my damping up soooft. I can hit that angled log on the corner exit and ignore it unless I want to use it to lift the wheel. Not only is it more comfortable with this setup, I'm faster, much faster. I can get the steering angle I want with a small shift in weight and just blast out of the turns. My arms don't pump up as much and I last longer. Off course I could be getting fitter. I didn't bother with Tech valves and stuff. My first fix was to use light fork oil, as in Red line "like water" . That gave a comfortable ride but lost something in the slow compression and the rebound. So over Christmas I took out the bottom shim stacks and removed five of the eleven shims. I modified the compression adjustment valve by drilling out the longitudinal hole and adding another horizontal hole so that a lot more oil could flow through at max opening.

These changes allowed me to use a good 5wt oil and still get a plush ride on the sharp edged stuff. I use the oil volume to prevent bottoming. Oops the Buffsters on the box . got to go!!


The shims in the compression stack on my '00WR fork were as follows-
















18x.5 (thick base)

Was the '98 the similar and which ones did you remove?

I also have altered the stack by removing only one 24x.1 and instead added a 12x.1 below the 14x.1


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