cracked case.

Cracked case on a xr650L! The shifter went right through the case on a left side tipover. Need input please. Should I repair it or spring for a new one. Does cfc make case guards for a xr650l like they do for drz400s?

Some peoble have been fixing with jb weld. this has been a very common problem. Do a search you should get quite a few hits. Some day it will be my turn.

If its not broken too badly you should be able to repair it with JB WELD. Get it at napa or similar auto parts store. Rough up the area with a die grinder and apply both inside and outside the case and then use the die grinder or a file to smooth it out and then paint it. Its just the ignition cover right? no oil behind it so you really just need to keep water out. Maybe post a picture and you'll get more and better advice.

after patching it up with the JB Weld, you may want to epoxy a small disc of sheetmetal over it for a little future protection ...

Same thing happened to me. I dropped it in the drive way, and the shifter went through the case cover. I too thought about the JB Weld fix, but since it is a brand new bike opted to go the replacement route. It cost about $200 at the Honda shop but well worth it in my opinion.

And tho the question about the oil behind the cover, yes there is oil in there, I collected a few quarts in the oil drain pan before I got it to the shop.

Any way you go about it, good luck!

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