Thanks Indy and everyone for sharing

Just back to dirtbikes after a couple of decades away bicycling. My last bike was an 83 Yamaha IT490 sold in 88. Just picked up an 05WR450. My first impression was that I had bought the dirt bike equivalent of Peewee Herman -- spindly and weak with lots of really irritating mannerisms like hard starting, bogging, and an idle that would hang up after I closed the throttle. :D Just spent Sunday installing carb jets, cutting gray wire, removing AIS, Installing race tech shock spring, Flatland radiator guard, and White Bros skid plate.

I have turned the bike from Peewee into the the Terminator (the original one from the first movie). :D This thing rocks!!! I've used knowledge gained lurking around this forum to sort out a bike more in one afternoon than I did in years of trial and error during my earlier (pre-internet) riding days. A very sincere thank you to all who contribute here.

Two shortcomings yet to be addressed--

1. aged 54 body is not quite the one I remember from decades ago. The huge increases in power, suspension and handling of the bike are negated by huge decreases in strength, endurance, and balance from me.

2. The seat truly sucks :D . Dirt bike seats used to be huge soft pillowy things to make up for primitive suspensions. This thing is absolutely painful after about 15 seconds - can't wait till i have to spend several hours on it. Since all my new padding (fat) seems to accumulate around my waist instead of on my skinny butt, I will be adding some to the seat.

Farmer Hank

I know what you mean Hank...after reading all the info on this forum ..I became a carb genious in one afternoon...

Dont worry about the seat-after a ride or two you wontever notice. Beside try standing up more-I had a guy who has ridden trail bikes for years yell at me for sitting down to much, now it feels wierd to sit down :D

I agree with flatknacker, for the first couple of rides it felt uncomfortable to stand and you noticed the seat. On the third ride I felt at home standing and now spend most of the time off the seat and never end up with monkeybutt.

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