New or Used Xr650r


I'm looking to buy a new or used Xr650r. 2004 and newer. I'm from Imperial Valley and will be going to the finals at Glen Helen this weekend so I would like to try to buy something this weekend. I can go through San Diego or Indio so there are plenty of bike shops in between. I was told that Honda doesn't have any rebates right now so the dealers are not wanting to price down to much. I was just wondering if anyone new of some good prices right now. Best one I saw was 2004(new) $5499 OTD from LA Honda. I also would like to pick up a crf50 for my son. Anybody know who has the best deals right now. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Paul

Hi Paul, I live in Beaumont and bought my BRP here in town new last year. I don't remember what I paid but I prolly got shafted cause I wasn't a member of thumpertalk and didn't know about all the new leftovers. Ive also bought a new ttr125 and a ttr90 from them. Have no complaints, The owner of the Beaumont store also ones the I.V. store. Funny thing my avater also says conn. :banghead: Later Matt :

Hi Paul, LA Honda has the best deals. Don't even think about Chapparal, I got ripped by them. Oh Well live and learn. Dale

Dale Aastrom

Vet Open Expert V17


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