Counter shaft sprocket

I have a 400 EXC and went with a 13T in the front. The other option is a 52T rear, but I wanted the clearance for ruts. The powerband is much better with this gearing. Great and cheap hop-up!

Going from a 14 to a 13 c/s is pretty much a standard mod.......very normal.


Mike Kruger

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Topeka, KS

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I have a 400 EXC and love the power ... but wondered if anyone has reduced the counter shaft sprocket by one tooth to improve the tight woods handeling. First gear seems to pull strong to about 25mph & I seldom shift to 4th or 5th so agile & nimble handing is important to me. I had a YZ400F and it really improve the ratios but that was a close ratio versus the wide ratio gear box.

Everyone around here that I know who has the 400 has a 13t on the front. I have 13/52 which is pretty common also.


John Brunsgaard

01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

Jeb, how quick are you able to get the front end up in 2/3/4 gear with the 13/52 gearing? I have a 13/51 and I am have a little problem getting the front wheel up in 3/4 gear. It will come up but I have to do a little to much clutching to get it to.


I had that problem until I re-jetted. The 52 will help a bit but the little bit of extra low to mid pull that re-jetting gave me is what really helped me be able to lift the front end even when lugging along in 3rd and higher gears.

I'm running an OCEMN needle in the middle (4th) clip, stock pj, 170mj, 1 out on the air/fuel screw. That's at about 1000' ASL, pump premium and spring/summer temps. Stock exhaust. Talk to KTMMIKE above to get the needle if you're interested.


John Brunsgaard

01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

Jeb, I have done some jetting work and have got it close with the EKR/172 and the accelerator pump mod. I just placed the order the EMN needle. I have always thought it could be better. Thanks.

Otis, I have a 400 MXC with 13-52 gearing and I also had a hard time getting the front end up in third gear until I put a pro circut T-4 silencer on. Now the word silencer is a bit misleading. It is louder than stock but the bottom end power is awsome!!! Third gear wheely - NO SWEAT ! It's also easy to pull the front end up in forth. GOOD LUCK

Thanks for the help everyone I installed the 13/52 gearing and I like it. Had enough adjustment to not even alter the chain.

It has made 1st gear more agile and higher gears more useable in tight woods riding.

3rd gear full throttle brings the front wheel right up.

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