way to much smoke from exuast from 01 ktm 520

A buddy and i were riding in a gravel pit the other day when we spotted a cool timeing section that we could hit. we needed to look at it first so i shut the gas off and leaned my bike on the ground because there no place for me to put it. When i started the bike it started to smoke so bad i haven't seen anything like it before. not even as bad as clapped out 2-stroke! Somebody please tell me nothing bad happened!

There was a previous post with someone having this same problem when riding down steep hills.It was suggested that it could be cause by the crank case breather hose which is located on the intake side of the carby.

When you layed the bike down oil from this hose could have entered the Carby causing this problem, which in this case should clear itself out and stop smoking.

Just an idea.

I would guess you laid the bike down on the right side??

The breather is on the right front of the crankcase and CAN get oil in it under the right circumstances. (STEEP downhills and laying it down on the right side)

You shouldn't hurt anything by doing this but could lose some oil.

Working on something to cure problem. Will keep group informed.



2002 EXC 520

1998 WR 400

1999 FXDX

Remove the crank case breather hose from the carb and plug it up. It interfers with the venturi anyway. Insert a filter in the breather hose and extend the hose down by the overflow hoses on the carb. Problem solved and hopefully a little performance gain.

i think it could of been that hose that everybody is talkinig about but i laid the bike down on the left side. Isn't the breather hose on the right side of the motor. and i haven't started my bike since then, worried something is wrong with my 520 and i don't want to wreck it more, just to be on the safe side!

If one routes the breather line down by the overflow lines for the carb, what do you do about the loss of oil?

I lost quite a bit of oil (not any showing in the sight glass) and I only had the episode happen one time. I could imagine that if the breather tube filled with oil multiple times on one excursion, oil loss could be a substantial problem.


2002 EXC 520

1998 WR 400

1999 FXDX

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