XR650L Replacement Fender

I did alot of searching and could not come up with a sure fit rear fender for the xr650L. Some say the rx400 rear fender would fit, but I could not find out for sure.

Front fender is a cr red acerbis supermoto.

Is there a XR style rear fender that is an easy fit? :D

I have an XR650L, too. Are you looking for a identical replacement or something that looks different? The 650L rear fender is almost identical to 86-on XR600 and 85-95 XR250s. I'm pretty sure all you have to do is drill a couple of holes to mount the brake light. I'm not sure if the XR400 will bolt up. I don't think so, but I will check mine later.

Thanks XrSteve,

I would like an XR style rear fender (red) with an XR style tail light.

I dont mind drilling a couple holes, if there are no major contact issues. :D

Maybe it's just me. I can't see what your posting.

I went to the Maier website, but could not find a fender for my 01 XR650L.

They had some XR 600 fenders listed, does that mean they will fit?


Sorry about that, they re-structured their website... When i bought my rear fender they had 3 pages of 650l stuff. Send them an email, maybe you can get one of their catalogs?

Cemoto has a nice MX rear fender. XR's only is the only US distributer I know.

Thanks for the help guys.

Maier MX with enduro tail light is on the way! :banghead:

Thanks for the help guys.

Maier MX with enduro tail light is on the way! :banghead:

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