Just put sex in the title and...

Yeah, this is my shameful way to get you guys to look at this post and sign up to ride. But in actuality, riding may be the closest thing to sex some of you guys get. I've met ya and can see why.

So who's in?


September 26

From 9am to 1pm

At Baggeland

30 spots available

$25 per rider

This is a prelude to doing the first and third Monday of every month.

I need names of everyone in your group, plus contact numbers to make sure everyone is on board.

Let me know asap

A private track with a limited number of riders?!!

What a dream. And thanks for posting the invite.

But I think you may be a bit too far south for me to get to twice a month.

Where abouts is this?

What's the track like?

45 minutes north of Magic Mountain. Great dirt, layout, and host. Track has a great sand section with 10 tall berms, a technical section that has some hard pack and some loam, and a really cool back section that allows for a fourth gear wfo double that only puts you 10 off the ground, a gravity cavity (small but cool) and passing lanes with optional inside double or outside double.

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