I just read that the cable for a WR400/426 will work and it has metal ends which are much stronger than the plastic KTM ones. The zip-ty on the right fork protector works great!

My 520 came with LC4 paperwork. I did not realize it and put everything together like it said. It said to wrap the cable around the fork, so I did. It worked fine (although the ICO checkmate on there now looks much better).


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I have been having a hell of a time with my odometer cable. It fell off on a trail ride the first day I had it. I re atatched it and tried to reroute it around the back of the fork leg....later I noticed the cable was missing all together! I think the folks that put my bike together didn't do something right. Is there supposed to be a clamp or something that holds the cable against the fork leg (ala XR)that could be missing from my bike? Also was wondering where the end goes that has the metal elbow goes? The manual does not show a picture of this! Does it go into the speedo gear or into the speedo itself? Also this cable seems pretty short. Anybody ever replace it with something else?

Any help is appreciated.

Replaced mine with a Trailtech Panoram computer before my first ride. I have purchased 2 of these now, and can recommend it. The only issue with the install (on my 520 EXC) is the computer sits too close to the light switch, so if you want to turn your headlight on, you may need to rethink how you mount it. I never use my headlight, so it didn't matter for me.


The stock cable routing is very poor. For an otherwise awesome motorcycle - it is really unbelievable how bad it is. Not sure why we don't get the european digital setup which looks much much better (we do get the hole in the rotor for a magnet and a mount on the LH fork gaurd for clamping the wire). I think there are some tips out there (maybe on the holeshot site) to drill some holes in the RH fork gaurd and zip tie the cable to the upper part of it. I pitched mine before the first ride as it looked to get ripped off easily. The Panoram is the way to go - just bend the tab that the light switch attaches to slightly downward (puts the switch at an angle) so that the switch will clear the computer. Otherwise intstall is easy and stout.


'01 KTM 520 EXC

Just rerouted it. I switched the ends around because the end that actually goes into the speedo gear was ripped out.

The end with the metal elbow is now going into the speedo gear, wrapped from inside around the front of the fork leg, wrapped around again and comes up right behind the headlight, zip tie around cable and lower 3 clamp, fed up into odometer , another zip tie around the cable AND a third tie. Tightened the one around the cable as tight as possible to hold the cable and the third zip tye. 3rd tie goes around top of triple clamp. Holds out of the way, acts as a strain relief on top as well. Thanks for your input guys. I am going to run this setup until it gets ripped clear off the bike again (now it probably will last forever tho).

I have mine setup like Tbob's picture from his referenced post. I've not had any problems with the cable getting pulled out. I put the drive gear on wrong after putting a new front knobbie on once and ruined the cable, though. WR cable will work but it's stretched tight when the forks are extended.

I like running the stock odo as it requires no batteries, no turning on, etc. I have an enduro computer on the bars too but I only use it for enduros now.



John Brunsgaard


01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

NICE!!!! Very nice... I agree with you about the stock odo. Now that I have jerry rigged it it will probably last forever.......I hate it when that happens. Brand new bike and it allready had zipties on it...I guess at least it isn't duct tape......yet.....

Here in Europe the EXC bikes are sold street legal with an electronic bycycle computer (Sigma BC series). Your KTM dealer should get you all the necessary parts and stuff. It's smart, it's cute and it's working without problems. But it's a little bit expensive ($130 here in Germany for the whole set: odometer, mounting, magnet, sensor + cable).

The english pages in the KTM hard eqipment catalog are offline, but the German ones are okay.

Have a look on : http://www.ktm.at/inshop/shop/produkte.asp?ID_Mietdaten=86&ID_ProduktKat=217&kat=0:67:217&ID_UnterKAT=67

And that's the one: http://www.ktm.at/upload/shop/275.jpg



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