Powerbomb headpipe?

So I realized this weekend, just how flimsy the stock Ti headpipe is on my 450. Just a few little rocks flipped up by my front tire, and its dented all to crap. I am assuming that if I go to the stainless powerbomb, it should be a LOT stronger, yes? Also, does the powerbomb fit the stock exhaust? I like the stock can, and will probably end up getting a PMB insert for it.


I'm looking to buy someones used powerbomb header or any steel header for a YZ450f, 2003 model. PM me to sell it. :banghead:

I've got the PB header and it is a thinker guage of steel than stock. It will take more abuse than the stocker, but I'd still reccomend a shield for it.

It's certainly MUCH better than the old Ti header its replacing. A drop of water would dent that thing.....

I had a Powerbomb on my '03 450 which worked fine with the stock exhaust. It is a bit stronger than stock, but it still didn't take too much to put a thumb print sized dent in it. Definitely recommend a guard for it.

Thanks guys. So what gaurd would you guys recommend?

There used to be a kit in ebay that would allow you to attach the stock header guard to any header, but I dont see it anymore. A few hose clamps, a 1/4" piece of Aluminum and a 6-pack of beer should be all you need to make you own though.

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