is the exc520 like a 500 2 stroke

is the 520 as powerfull and hard to ride as a cr500 or kx500? I am thinking about getting either the 400 or 520 but not sure. Is the 520 easier to handle power wize and size wize THAN THE 500? How would they be comared to a 250. Are they harder to ride? Also I had been hearing a lot about peoples bikes overheating how is that with these biks?


I also wanted to know how the hydro clutches worked out. If they lasted long and how they proformed against a normal clutch?

As powerful as a CR/KX500- some debate but I would say very close. Typically wheelie or traction limited thru 4th gear.

As "hard" to ride - not even close in my opinion. Power is very linear with throttle position and no violent hit. It does require throttle control as there is usually too much available - but controllability is excellent. Another factor is ZERO vibration and low noise - which on a long ride is huge to me.

No overheating of mine - but have not ridden in really hot weather. Fan kit is available for lots of tight riding.

Hydraulic clutch "lasts" just as long as any other (probably longer because there is no chance for misadjustment). The clutch is the same - the hydraulic part is just an ultra smooth way of replacing the cable. Pull is pretty light - but the big thing is no adjustment and it never gets dirty/sticky like a cable.

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'01 KTM 520 EXC

I owned a '97 CR500...big tank...Scott's...the works. I am much faster and fresher on the 520. The 520 has an extra gear ( 6 speed )which is a great thing for those speed blasts down BLM roads out here in the desert. I always thought the CR500 was easy to ride if you rode it right...i.e. LUG IT! I also had a Bill's pipe on mine that helped smooth out the power...

It's still not even close, the 520MXC is the hands down winner...It's "OH MY GOD" fast but smooth and easy to ride. My wife loves it! Power is very mellow if you roll on throttle...But if you grab a HANDFULL of throttle HANG ON! wink.gif The power deliver makes it a Hill Climbing WONDER.

I don't miss my CR500 at all grin.gif Well maybe some, I wish I could keep them all!! But my Wife objects to a Harem in the garage! LOL!!!


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'02 YZ250P

'01 KX85

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If you're not worried about riding a certain class, then I'd say go for the 520. I figured when I bought mine,that with the 400 you'll always be wondering that you should have got the 520. I'm only light weight, but 520 is best I've ever owned.

I've ridden a CR500 and that was a handful powerwise. KX500 that I have ridden not so much a handful,with a more linear power.

Yes, there is big power on the 520 but very linear. The grins on every ride are worth it.



Peter H


Ive owned a couple of KX500's and now own a 400 EXC.If your in the dez, there is no comparison, the KX is the king. I now live in the mud and tree's of Northwest and I tried to ride the KX up here, you can but it is unforgiving. To the point, the 400 is nowhere near a brutal in the acceleration department but it does hook up well, where as the KX would break lose and get squirlly, the KTM steps out and accelerates. You cant loft the front end, especially in the upper gears, without using the clutch. And about the clutch, you will look like popeye after a day on the KX. Conclusion, for anything other than the desert, the KTM is the way to go.

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