Looking to Trade?

I was just curious if anyone would like to trade.

I have a 2004 YZ 450F: Enzo Suspension w/ subtanks( 175lb Int Moto), WB carbon Pro, Pro-tapers, Vortex Upper & Lower Clamps, new GYTR Clutch, new GYTR race team graphics. Beautiful Bike. Extremely well Maintained. Bought new SEP 2004. $7500+ invested. Can e-mail pics as well.

Would like to trade for 05 YZ250F.


Anyways also forgot, bike also has:

Galfer O/S Wave rotor

Braided CR brake line

ASV Clutch perch/Lever


billet throttle

R3 gold "o"ring chain

I still might be forgetting something.

Would you trade for an 02' yz250f? Its completely stock. Never been raced, only play ridden. Original sprockets and chain and rear tire too. So that says its been ridden softly right? lol

Sorry, but i would prefer something newer.



Sorry, but i would prefer something newer.



Dont have what your after but thats sure a nice 450 you have :banghead:

Sounds like you've got a pretty sweet ride. You might consider taking most of that bling off your 450 though. It won't add much to the resale value of the bike and much of it will bolt right on to an '05 250f. Even if you don't want the goodies on your new bike I'd think about selling them on TT or Ebay. Just a thought.

Yeah I was surprised at how much is interchangeable from my 02' yz250f to my 03' yz450f. I been using my 250 for parts while riding my 450. LOL

got an 05' 250 yzf totally stock except for adjusting the compression & rebound (and oil) to my dads liking....pics in 2nd link in sig.

also you may wanna pick this up /w/ him. not me. pm if interested....also, whats the reason 4 sale???

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