Help '99 wr400

I'm in Macomb Twp.

I bought mine Dec. 04 for $2000 on Ebay. I probably put $50 of needed stuff (oil change, handle bar and grips) and $200 of other stuff (bark busters, JD jet kit, skid plate, heavier springs and graphics kit).

This year I could have used new tires, but I will get them for spring, maybe a license plate kit.

Part of your plan needs to consider if you are capable of doing fix-up work and how much. The less you think you can do the more you should plan to spend to get something that meets you needs. Better to ride than to sit in the garage and look at it.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.

Look in the TT classifieds. There was a 450 in good shape there about 1 week ago. It's more $ than most 400's but I believe you save money if you buy a decent bike from the start. I would check the play on the shifter lever (it can reveal tranny abuse and shift pawl wear) and if the forks leak, check very carefully for pits or any damage on the sliders, because that will usually cause leaks even if the seals are replaced. Good Luck. I just bought a nice 00 wr400 & love it!

Gee, after reading this post I am sorry I sold my 99WR400! leaky fork seals are no problem. just fix them and it will be fine. I traded it in at the dealer and got $2,000 for it! here is a pick, I am still getting used to the KTM525SX/SM


I have a 2000 WR400 and love it.

My friend who buys a KTM every other year keeps asking me when I'm going to get a new bike, WHY?

The bike runs great, It's the most reliable bike I ever owned, I've been beating the crap out of it for almost 6 years now. :applause:

Only thing that went wrong, Cam chain kinked from overheating, when my radiator leaked.

Even after 5 years, Valves were not worn, put on lathe and were perfect!

Piston was still in excellent shape, as were the rings!

Rings were replaced, along with valve seats, springs, cam chain, ect...

Just change the oil, and filter every few rides, clean the Air filter, your good to go. :banghead:

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