Frame Guards

To protect the paint on the frame from "boot wear", I have been putting duct tape on the frame where the paint tends to rub off.

We'll, I'm getting a little tired of cleaning off the adhesive between rides.

I am looking at frame guards from Devol and Carbon Fiber Works.

Are there others anyone would recommend or does anyone have experience with Devol or Carbon Fiber Works?

I bought the Works Connection guards and am very happy with them. I looked into the Devols and didn't like the style. The CF ones I found were too cost prohibitive...SC

I just put a set of Devols on this week and really like them. Took less than 5 minutes to install.

Devols :banghead: Here is a pic of them on my bike.

I got my B&B's to protect the rear brake resivoir as well as stop rubbing.

I had a mate that got his resivoir ripped clean off by a stray tree branch.

Well worth the money.

I had the works connection ones on my rm and they got black pretty soon from boot rub. On my yzf I just got some of the carbon fiber works ones and they look great. Plus when they get scratched you can't tell cause it's carbon fiber! They're a little pricey at 80$ but I think they look great if your into that whole carbon fiber thing.

I have and like the Devols.

Works Connection! :banghead::applause: As for getting scuff marks on them a SOS pad and water clean them up great. My buddy has the CF's and they look splintered after a few years riding. :lol: I had WC's on my XR400 for 7 years and they still looked great to the day I sold it. :lol:

I ate holes the size of my fist through my first set of Devols in 2 years of heavy riding. Now I am on the works connection units. I think the Devols have better coverage and go higher up the frame. Works connection units look better but are not as good protection. :banghead:

My main problems with aluminum frame guards are a) dirt gets in behind them and ends up scratching the frame anyway, :applause: they make a mess of my white boots, and c) they look like hell after a couple of rides. Acerbis makes some nice plastic guards that cover more of the frame, but alas, they don't make them for my '04 WR450F. :banghead:

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