Anyone running a RPM ice cube big bore??

I thinking about going to a 488-90 kit to boost the torque of my wr. I was going to try the Athena but it's always back ordered :banghead::applause: So i've been looking for alternatives.

Should i sleeve the stock cylinder or just bite the bullet and get an ice cube?

Anyone go big on their wr?

I had Thumper Racing drill my 400 out to 430. I sent them my barrel and they pressed out the original sleeve, bored the casing, and pressed in the larger sleeve. They also supply the larger head and base gaskets and a jet kit.

The new sleeve is cast iron and a lot of guys had negative comments about going that way.

I don't notice the extra bit of weight or anything bad so far, just more power. The compression ratio stays the same and I don't find it much harder to kick over.

riding buddy just "CUBED" his crf450, wow......turbo boost!

riding buddy just "CUBED" his crf450, wow......turbo boost!

riding buddy just "CUBED" his crf450, wow......turbo boost!

I went with the cube. :lol: I got it today looks pretty good. :banghead: I'll post up some shots if anyone is interested :applause:

Quick update :banghead:

The Ice Cube rocks :banghead::lol: I got it bolted on in about 4 hours and had it out on the trails next day for a break in ride. It blew me away the difference between the 450 and 488. The power is still linear and controllable but there is a whole lot more :lol: I only have 20 hours on it so far, but haven't had any problems and doubt i will.

anyone have ice cube cylinder kit on yfz 450?????? is their any problems???

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