Canadian 520exc

How much for a 2002 520exc in us dollars? Only a 4hr. drive.

at one dealer in calgary canada they want 9500$ can. but you could call bsl enterprizes in the crowsnest pass and get one for 9000$ Tell em marathon racing sent you!

How much is that in US dollars? What is the conversion or exchange rate? Thanks capt.

5721.55 US Dollars


Thank you Paul, now that sounds worth the drive.

I'm sorry i quoted you an sx should add on 400-500$ for an exc model!!!!

my apology!

Still about a $1000.00 cheaper, a good savings. How about some KTM dealers over the Vermont border. Anyone know of any? Thanks again Captain!!!

I doubt you will buy an 02 520EXC for anything less than $9600 CDN. Most dealers up here in Canada are sticking to MSRP for the RFS EXC models. You might get a deal this time of year, but not in the spring. Give Mike Inglis a call at Inglis Cycle Center in London ONT. (519)455-3840 EXT 25.

I'll tell you what!

give bsl enterprizes a call and their number is 1-403-563-3060 in alberta.

it will be interesting to hear what they have to say?

And dont forget to tell who sent you!

(marathon racing)!!!!!!

I saved about $800 buying one in Oshawa, Ontario last April. For me it was worth a 4 hour drive and crossing the border. I live in Detroit.


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