HELP! bleeding my clutch...

I snapped my timing chain...putting everything back together...any suggestions on bleeding the clutch?

Thanks! Ken

Get a syringe with a piece of tubing on the end (auto parts stores have them). Fill it with mineral oil and push the oil from the bleed nipple at the bottom with the top of the clutch reservoir off.

Hey Scott, long time no see!

I would suggest getting a MityVac II to help with clutch and brake bleeding. It makes the whole deal a lot easier.

Heres how I did mine when I added the Steel braided cable -

1) Take of top of reservoir.

2) FILL with mineral oil.

3) Break the bleeded nub loose on clutch slave cylinder.

4) Squeeze lever and HOLD.

5) Snug nub, release lever.

6) Repeat starting with #3

7) When oil gets a bit low, add more to the reservoir.

8) Repeat until gets feel back. SHouldn't take too long. If you go more than 15 times or so, something isn't bleeding right.

NOT necessarily a problem, perhaps my info is faulty!

I was going to use a syringe, per the first reply, as I have bled Magura Hydraulic brakes for mountain bikes, but I didn't have one that was functional....


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Rich! hey bud. Let's ride sometime soon.

Snapped your timing chain? How?

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