cdi boxes / rev limiter

I have recently increased the compresion of my 02 wr 426 and installed the hot cams. It runs incredible the only problem is that the motor is still pulling when i hit the rev limiter. i have searched and can not find an aftermarket cdi box besides the vortex one and it is to high price for me. Is there any other way to remove the govenor? Or possibly is ther a way to convert and use the 04/ 05 aftermarket boxes on the 02. if any one could help it would be greatly apppreciated. by the way the wisco piston and hot cams work incredible together

Get a more powerful bike, You aren't making peak power at WOT anyways.

I realize, that i am making peak horse power but not peak torque , it is just i am not able to use the ful potental of the power with the rev limiter in place

the bike is still pulling very strong, i could advance the cams and change the curve but i like the broader power curve

Engines usually reach peak torque before peak horsepower. Just buy a CR500 if you want loads of power, don't modify your bike, get something faster.

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