I just did my first valve adjustment and checked my diaphram on the carb for dirt. Now my 400 MXC will not start! Diaphram was clean - valves were tight and were adjusted to spec. Now it seemed everything went ok with both procedures but something aint right! Bike has spark and the pump is squirting fuel when I turn throtle. The bike seems like it's not getting fuel or spark. No pop or any sign it's going to start.I'm guessing that if the valves were not set right that the bike would have a hard time starting. I have a ride set up for tomorrow so any help would be great! THANK DAN

Dan, When I took the seat and tank off my new 520exc to re-jet the carb and put it all back on it wouldn't start.....I took it all off again and noticed when I put the tank on it snagged the wire harness and disconneted

a mating connector. I re-routed and ty-wrapped the haness out of harms way. Sounds like you might have the same problem.

Good luck!

See my response over on Holeshot to your question.


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