bike is smoking

There are so many out there available that I would return this one and run away. An impending engine problem is NOT what you want to buy. Keep shopping, for a few hundred more, you can find an 02 from an individual instead of an auction and have more credibility knowledge of the bike's history. RETURN IT....

what does fogged for storage mean

all motor passages filled/sprayed with lubricant...

Valve seals, valves or Top end/camchain......all probably needs to be replaced....correctly...find a reputable tuner if you do not know what you are doing....

or resell at the auction......

It Turned Out That The Engine Had Water In It So It Caused Rust So All That Needs To Be Done Is A New Top End And They Said They Would Do It For 300 Dollars That Is New Piston And Rings And The Cylinder Is Buffed

I would run from that. If they expect YOU to pay the $300 to get it fixed, no no no no no no. I would get my money back and run from that idea. Who knows what else will "just need" to be done to it. Why was there water in the motor? Where else is there water? Where else is there rust? Too many questions, especially for a $2400 bike. You can find a better me.

Grayracer, unlike a bike or car that holds all the oil in the crankcase, the YZ426 is basically a dry sump type system where the oil is held in the frame. Will overfilling give you the same smoking symptoms as a crankcase fill system?

It could be as simple as the bike being overfilled with oil (did you add any?)

After doing a ton of top ends on these bikes, I find a couple of things mainly. Lower than normal compression from being raced, and raced, and raced, or a oil burner from lack of oil changes. In most cases, I find the pistons to be "sanded" from air filter or airbox leaks, and or lack of filter cleaning.

clean your filters often, change your oil often, and seal your airbox to make sure no dirt is getting around your filter. If it is already too late, go ahead and order your top end kit. It only takes about 4 hours elapsed time to do a top if you don't dally.

Get rid of it.. There's no way Id keep it because those are the bikes that always end up to where you have the whole motor out and rebuilt..

If its had rust in the engine the people obviously didnt care about it, Let it sit out in the rain, water got in some small crack somewhere and then worked its way into the engine from them not riding it for awhile. 2400$? NO. More like 1400$... If they are going to make you keep it, Part it out on ebay for what its worth and be done with it.

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