CTI2 vs asterisk knee brace

I know about the CTI2 brace and think it's a great product just kinda pricey. I'm probably going to end up buying one after blowing out my knee for the 2nd time this weekend in 3 months. I did find this brace on the link below. It's made by the same company that makes the CTI2. I read the page and they claim it's the best brace out there but it's 1/4 the price of the CTI2. How can this be? It hasn't been released to the public yet but it's supposed to be released soon. What do you guys think? What's the catch? How can a company say it's better then basically the best brace out (which they also make) but sell it at a fraction of the cost?




When in doubt, GAS IT!

I don't think you've got your prices right!

The asterix web site says about $550 pair - the CTi Edge about $750 pair. I can only comment on the CTis - I have a pair of Edge braces and they are light and comfortable.

I'd be inclined to get your knee looked at if you've already 'blown it twice' (actually, if you had 'blown' it, you'd be having trouble walking right now!) but you may well have done some damage.


Yes... certainly...

A "blown-out" knee means you totally wiped it out... and if you didn't have reconstructive surgery on it ($15,000).... You certainly didn't "blow it out"..

And you certainly can't walk on a "blown out' knee.

Maybe you mean you sprained it?

Now... I don't have any knowledge about that "Asterisk" brand knee brace.

And CTI 2's like mine, cost around $900 APIECE... Over $2000 with Dr visit and prescription.

Can't say about the CTI Edge models.

I have heard about a new brace made by the owner/designer of the CTI braces.

It is similar to the CTI 2's, but it is not a custom/tailored fit... It has design features which allows screw adjustments to custom fit it to you body shape and size... with maybe a few basic sizes for bigger and smaller size people.

The total shocker with this new model is that it is supposed to be less than a THIRD of the cost of the originals!... with supposedly all the good features and the adjustability.

It may be clled "Asterisk" for all I know.

I wish I could tell you more.

I have liked my CTI 2's since I got them 6 years ago... and won't ride or rollerblade without them.

They will also rebuild them for life FOR FREE.

As they did one of mine here last year.

They repainted it too... free.

Keep investigating... and buy them!

I have had 2 knee reconstructions (1 each)... you don't want that.

I had reconstruction on my left one a couple of years ago. The one I'm talking about now is my right one. I couldn't walk on it for 3 weeks when it first happened and once I was able to walk on it I grinds, pops, and in general didn't feel the same. I killed it this past weekend just rolling to a stop and putting my leg down to support me and the bike while I rest like you would at a stop light on a street bike only my knee didn't line up and I just fell over. I've been limping since that happened on Sat. My catch is that my medical insurance runs out today because I'm getting a new job and I'm not quite sure how or when the new insurance will start coverage. I don't think I've damaged this knee nearly as bad as the other one but something inside definately isn't right. That new brace that you spoke about is the Asterisk brace. I spoke with a Rep for 45min yesterday about it and it sounds like a really good brace. Especially for the price. He invited me to come and check out the factory and I could see the new brace and look at all the other CTI stuff. Their new brace isn't supposed to be out for another 7-9 weeks still.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

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