Has anyone noticed??????

Do any of you folks here go to the other forums on this site to check out all of the bitching and whining that goes on about some of the other brands of bikes? It seems that those of us who own KTM bikes have alot less to complain about... Just an observation.

Well LA-DI-DAH yer bike's da best!LOL

Yeah, not many upgrades listed here.

everywhere else, all I read is "How do I get more power or better suspension?"

yeah you have no complaints from the husaberg section thanxs KTM!!!!thumpers or nuthin !!!! alan

How many times do you guys have to reassure yourselves about your bikes! Give me a break..... rolleyes.gif . Everybody knows KTM makes a great bike, my next one will probably be orange. But cut out the gossipy crap! Try and stay objective while patting yourselves on the back! KTM's are not superior in all areas, although probably overall they are. Just ride.


Hey Mike in Silicon,

you said it, when are we going to ride again. We need a Sunday ride at Stoneyford or somewhere. Saturdays are shot until December. (kids soccer)

By the way, you can ride my KTM anytime you want, just for kicks.


Hey Mikey,

Monty's setting up a ride for Nov. 4th. Depending on my work situation I'm going to try and make it (It makes for one loooong day trip!). We will definetly be hooking up quite a bit this winter. And I will take you up on that pumpkin cruise!


Wasn't trying to pat myself on the back guys. Just making an observation. I do have a few complaints about my bike but like DrS said, You don't see many people tring to get alot more power out of their bikes or much better suspension. I however, need to get any suspension on any bike that I have redone as I am outside the window that manufacturers build the bikes for. All I was asking was if any other people had noticed it (the lack of bitching) too. Chill out.

Hey Mike,

You are always welcome to stay at my place the night before if you need to as long as you can handle 3 kids running around and my drop dead gorgeous wife (no one can touch but me though) . Open invitation to stay. Plenty of room and plenty of beer. Just let me know.



2001 KTM 400 exc. No upgrades, comes out of the box ready to ride.


I appreciate the offer! Can't wait for the rain.



Since you wont let me sleep with your wife :) , I'll take a rain check on the hospitality. Seriously though I appreciate the offer. See you Sunday morning!


we will see you then

....that there isn't any KTMs in any of the Crustys videos? Is there a reason for this? Just wondering

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