bent subframe !!!

hi guys

There's something that I get, Is the BRP subframe bent to the left from factory?? I thought that it was just the rear fender that somehow is twisted to the left.

How bad is it about this frame?? Can I just leave it as it is??


I have sympathy!!

I have an 2004 XR650R I have only about 250 km's on it and it seems as well that the Sub Frame has about a 0.5" "offset" to the left. I can almost swear it was not there when I bought it! When I saw this I was really pi$$ed off, my new "Pig" bent and I haven't even abused it yet!! I have bottomed the shock a few times riding in the desert and I have burned the plastic mudguard on the inside right and "polished" my muffler a little on the inner side. I have heard that these sub frames are a weak point, but heck surely not that weak. I would be interested to know how you can re-align it again?

What causes these subframes to "warp" or bend? If you look at the construction it seems quite robust with cross support under the seat.

I look forward to the more experienced answers and experiences with these.

hehe, thats where honda cuts the weight off for the 650r and no the 650l.......they just put in a weak ass sub frame

hehe, thats where honda cuts the weight off for the 650r and no the 650l.......they just put in a weak ass sub frame

I dont think the L has a subframe but i could be wrong.

Mine is also tweaked to the side, it allways has been, and it doesnt bother me at all.

search this forum and you'll find some info from Bruce borynack(BWB something is his screne name.

he might have something on his site as well if you can find a post by him it has lots of info.

I am simply waiting to crash hard enough to bend it back:D

remember it doesnt matter what your bike looks like from behind cuz if they are behind ya there opinion is worthless(unless you are getting lapped)

A big breaker bar will take care of that common problem with the XR 650R. Or for those that purchased the 4 year wheel to wheel warranty, take it and the dealer will handle it. Steny

hehe, what is a subframe?

I've seen them brand new in the show room with the rear fender cockeyed.

hehe, what is a subframe?

Ive said it befor and i'll say it again-

Keep it relevant, you are a post whore and that is not a compliment.

yes they are slightly cocked even on the showroom floor.

no i would not try bending an aluminum sub frame with a big breaker bar, AL doesnt take well to being bent.

Steel sub frames can be bent.

I stick to what i said befor- it doesnt make a difference, unless its really bent and affects your riding, so leave it be

later on,

The previous owner of mine tried to bend it back and it cracked at the left upper mounting. Thankfully, this mount is a captured block within the frame tube and it's still got a lot of integrity. I have a new TIG welder and plan on doing the proper full tweak back to straight as well as plenty of additional gusseting and maybe an extra crossmember or 2. Not an issue for me, it just helped lower the price of the already good deal I got on the bike. I would be pissed if I had cracked it myself, though.

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