any advice welcome

Have 96EXC400 Good ole boy never made me walk,time to trade and reduce weight,at 49 weight goes along way.In South East,trails are fast but enduros are well, moving on my main focus was 2001-Exc400 but after the last enduro that beat me to death a friend suggessted maybe a 520 would have less gear shiffting and perhaps more focus on riding.Could he be correct or does he want to see me hit a tree? I have not ridden a 520 Thanks for any opinion

520 would give you less shifting but there is quite a bit more power. It is quite controlable however. I use mine in tight woods stuff and have nothing bad to say about the bike. Depending on your size, and weight, either a new 520 or 400 would probably suit you well.

A lot of fast super seniors out west ride the 200. I'm not ready for one yet being only 43 but probably soon. Maybe next bike.


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I would just like to say that I find it inspiring hearing that you are riding at your age. I am 38 and have often thought that it might be time to grow up, but you guys have changed that.

I ride an '01 400exc and have found it to be an excellant bike



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