Any Ex-WR400/426 pilots Here?

Hello, KTM TTers: Can u pls help me w/a problem i have? i am an ex-KTM300EXC owner who currently rides a 2000 Yamaha WR400. i have finally decided that, aside from the fact that i've loved this incredible bike for 1 1/2 yrs, it's not really a good bike for me. the WR is great in wide open spaces & i love it at speed & at the moto-x track. but, at 275 lbs or so it's VERY heavy for me. despite being jetted perfectly & no regular start problems at all, it's a struggle to kick after dumping and/or when tired. it's a handful in the real technical areas & is a tall bike for many of us. i'm 47 yrs old, 150 lbs & 5'11" & want/need a LIGHTER bike but will only consider a thumper now. i've ridden a WR250 & love it but am open minded about a KTM400 MXC w/electric start.

that all said, can you provide some input regarding my decision? i know a number of you have defected from the blue side & am curious about your comparisons w/the WR400/426 in particular.

many thx in advance for your help. now, let the forum speak! bobwombat

btw, sorry i forgot to mention that i did the search on this topic & found great feedback on a single thread from 10-1-2001. just thought i could solicit additional validation! my first impression is that nobody who's gone from the WR to the KTM has been unhappy. i like to moto-x now & then & wonder if i would miss the WR in that respect??? thx again to you orange guys for your input. bobwombat

I see you live in Scottsdale, I am in Anthem. If you'd like to try a KTM RFS on for size, I'd be more than happy to let you try mine. It is an '01 520 exc. The engine is obviosly bigger than the 400, but the weight and everything else is identical to the 400. I have never regretted parking my '98 YZ 400 for a second.

E-mail is


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Court, you're awesome to offer. i'll take your mail address & be in touch. my only fear is that, for a new model, the $8k they want @ Premier Motorsports is out of the question for me. i'd like to get in something else for minimal out-of-pocket. i looked @ a 520 during lunch today @ Premier; $5900 for a 2001, 6 mos old. has a Scotts stabilizer &, of course, the little majic button u guys have come to enjoy. i'll be in touch & thx again for the great offer!

my address is

regards, bobwombat

I had a '98 YZ400.....

The 520 is a JOY. It is a little lighter, but IT FEELS MUCH LIGHTER. The KTM's carry their weight lower...

E-button - You'd be surprised how much energy you really use starting a Yamathumper. I've only started mine with the kicker to see if it worked! ( and to show off to the Yamathumper guys I ride with!

I think you'd love a 400 or a 520!

On that used 520, if it's clean with the Scott's that sounds like a good deal ;-) I'd jump on it.


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'02 YZ250P

'01 KX85

I switched from 98 wr 400 to 02 400 exc and don't miss anything from the yamaha.

98 WR to an 01 400 exc. WR has it strong points, but the KTM blows me away with the weight, E button, smooth power supply etc. I would never go back. KTM has proven their worth to me. My 2 cents

I had a 99 WR 400 and now own a 02 520 EXC. both are excellent bikes but the KTM is superior in many ways.

more bottom end torque


electric start


electric start

ready to ride out of the box--heaver springs if over 190lbs.

electric start

did I mention electric start.

If you dump it its starts easy. If you kill it in a corner you never stop just hit the button and keep going. If you kill it on the side of a hill its easier to pick up and much easier to start.

electric start


I never owned a WR but the YZ close ratio MX bike is lighter, faster and more nibble ask anyone. So advice may be helpful to your decision.

I owned a 98 YZ400F and it was a terrific

bike more power than the average weekend warrior needs. I am 44 and consider myself to be an accomplished rider. I purchased a 2002 400 EXC for several reasons. First because the engineering .... second all the standard features, 3rd performance& handling, 4th electric start and low weight. The comparison between austrian engineering versus Japanese is like night and day. I spent over 1800.00 to retrofit the YZ 400F to be a decent trail machine. The KTM has all the extras out of the crate that you would need to purchase on other brands. The electric start is a great feature although you don't need it on the KTMs since the automatic compression release works magnificently. Kicks as easy as any two-stroke.

Also the profile "tank & engine" is thinner than most two strokes ... you really feel the differce when you ride the KTM. Must thinner feel over the YZ400F.

One last point ... the KTM sits low on the seat but the clearance of 15 inches is excellent. I'm 5' 10 and on my YZ400F I could barely touch on theground .... on the KTM I feel solid and confident.

Buy the KTM you won't be sorry. Best bike I've own. Been riding since I was nine.

guys: thx for the great feedback. visiting the KTM side of TT, i should have guessed! i'm still struggling w/the $8,000 out-the-door price for a new, 2002, orange ride, but understand the quality.

Clark Mason & Mike in Roseville: so THIS is where you are now! you're sorely missed on the blue side but i'm pleased to see you've both found outstanding rides. my guess is you've added tremendously to the other KTM riders here.

well, i'm down to the orange or the WR250. that majic button sure would be hard to pass up!

many thx again to all for your help & consideration.


$8000.00 is too much. Don't buy it here, shop around and have it shipped is my advice. If you have it shipped there is no set up charge, as you will have to set it up yourself. I bought mine '01 520EXC without ever riding one (I sat on one for a couple of seconds), from a dealer in Virginia. It was shipped 2 day air by Emery for $300.00. Total cost with shipping $7400.00.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Where is a good place to order from? I didn't know you could mail order bikes... Seems weird, but I'll save some money if I can. I can set a bike up.

What do you have to do other than put the handlebars on?

Realized this is probably a good time to start my own thread. so I'll do that now.


No bikes right now. KTM 520 EXC is on the christmas list grin.gif . Feel Free to chat: Yahoo IM nevitt33, AOL IM Nevitt 33

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I have owned five 300exc's and I currently have a 99 WR400 & 2001 400exc. I can tell you the KTM 400 is so easy and fun to ride that it will make you a better rider. It is a great bike. I like the WR but I love the KTM. It is worth every penny. Unless you mostly ride the fast stuff , get the 400. Two of us have 400's and one has a 520 mxc. So we have tried them both. For most mere mortals the 400 is plenty. It puts the power to ground much better then the WR. It just hooks up. :)

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