Anyone else got a YZ400??

+1 for '99 400.:crazy:

I bought mine new in '99, just sold it last year. Rock solid motor, finally needed a valve adjustment in '97, they were barely out! Everything else original though, and running like new.

Whoops, I mean't 1st valve adjustment in '07!

I have a 99 and I love it ! not to good on the indoor tracks for me but great motocross or harescrambles. I am 47 soi put a Hot cam with the built in auto decompression and that was the best money spent. Just keep the oil changed and valves adjusted.:banana:

I have an '01 YZF 426. Bike haul hella a$$!!! I'm new to the 4 thumpers. I've been changing the oil like every 6 hrs and such. Keeping the air filter clean. Seems I made a good purchase.:banana::lol:

man i had a 99 loved the motor,but i tried to ride it for a year with a broken hand [torn ligaments and all]wish i never sold it!That motor was perfect.Stil havent found a motor i like as much as that one.

My roommate finaly sold his 01 426 last year, never had a single thing go wrong with the bike and it was all still original except tires, chain and sprockets. It was the cheapest I've seen some one get into dirtbiking, Bought it for $1600 6 years ago rode the snot out of it and sold it for $1000 and didn't hav e to put any $ in repairs. The bike was raced for a few years before he got it, he was real good about oil changes and air filter maintanece until the last couple years he got layz and went real long on oil changes and I'd finaly clean his air filter for him cause I couldn't stand seeing it so dirty. I finaly checked his valves shortly before he sold it and they were all still in spec. Looked like his timing chain was a little streched though. I think one of the keys to the reliabilty of the 400 and 426 was the fact they held about twice the amount of oil as the newer 450's. His buddy bought the bike from him and rides out at our house so I'll still get to see how long this bike keeps going.

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