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With my first non-Jap bike now fully broken in I can honestly say I'm in love with. What a superb machine. What I don't like so far is the time it takes to get any parts for it. EE skid plate 3 weeks, oil filters (small ones still on backorder now 4 weeks), tall seat and EXC tank looking at 4-6 weeks. Any of you guys know of a parts distributer with a little more inventory or clout with KTM. I currently doing business with one of the biggest in So Cal., but, am not real satisfied as you can imagine.



I've got the same problem with the local Honda/Yamaha shop...sometimes I think they take me for granted! ;-)

I've gotten to the point that if they don't have it "in stock" I check around with some of the other shops before I order.

Try Lori at KTM of Mojave

( ), I don't know if they have any of the stuff you're looking for....but they ship me stuff UPS all the time and they are easy to deal with...


Chris in the Mojave

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Try holeshot, they boast most parts ship from stock, others in 2 days.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Give Mike Kruger at Cycle Zone KTM, in Topeka, KS. He's our 4 state area parts distributor for KTM. He has pretty decent prices and won't take an arm and a leg to ship either. If he has the stuff, he will ship it the same day.


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I agree with KTM250rm about Mike. I always call him first for KTM parts. Then I run down this list on the rare occasion I have to go elsewhere. Pretty unusual for me to get all the way through the list and not be able to get the part I need.

Cycle Zone - KS Tollfree 866-843-7433

Larson's - MN 763-689-2760

Mike's cycle - LA 800-367-5209

Z racing - CA 714-449-1271

MSR - CA 800-892-2925

Moto-Sports - IA 515-285-8014

Gresham KTM - OR 503-667-3970

Hopp's KTM - PA 800-879-5867

H&H - GA 770-920-1371

Holeshot - OH 330-253-7455

Kevins Racing Supply 800-654-4998

Letko Competition - KS 913-334-0881

Town & Country Racing 973-875-2111

Matto PA 717-429-0678

Neely Racing 864-583-3653

Premier - AZ 602-867-8293

Discount KTM parts 800-860-0686

Freedom Cycles - MO 800-438-0727


John Brunsgaard

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