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KTM 400, XR600 comparison

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could give me a comparison between the XR600 and the KTM 400. I have the 400 and was thinking about getting the 600 as a play bike. Any comments would be appreciated.


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I can give a comparison between a KTM520 and an XR600. My dad and brother both have 600's and I have spent a fair amount of time on them. I assume your 400 is an RFS?

KTM is much much lighter and narrower. The 600 will feel like a tank with a couch for a seat compared to your 400.

XR is very tall feeling - it feels like you sit on top of it instead of being part of the bike like the KTM.

Power of XR is OK - snappy low end but doesn't rev out much. Good motor for cruising roads though - smooth and torquey. Big engine braking if you like that. Not sure about a 400 - but my 520 is in a different league for power and responsiveness than a 600.

XR is much more comfortable for a long ride (nice cushy seat and plush suspension).

Depends what you call "play" riding. I find I really like the XR for a very long road type ride - just because it is smooth and plush with decent power. But for ANYTHING else the KTM is far superior and much more fun to ride. The difference in weight is unbelievable - the KTM feels like a bicycle compared to the 600.

So I guess to sum up:

XR = road cruiser

KTM = everything else (and still an OK road cruiser)



'01 KTM 520 EXC

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