'02 520EXC or Not???

I am after advice from 520 riders out there. Next week i will be handing over 13 big buckaroos for a spanking new 520EXC and need some questions answered to give me piece of mind about spending so much on a bike.

How thirsty, mechanical reliability [cos of short warranty], any little mods on arrival and any other advice that any one could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Warrick.

Go get that badboy! Adjust the suspension and ride!. Erik

I handed over the big 13k and I am not disappointed at all. There are a few things that must be done on it though.

Tbob posted a large amount of info on Holeshot, but to make it easier for you, I let you know the easy things.

1. Zip tie the speedo cable to the fork protector. Mine ripped out straight away.

2. Change the tyres! The stock ones are crap.

3. Invest in a B&B Bashplate. Mine has taken a hiding already. Don’t buy one from a dealer. From factory they are about $140. I was in my dealers on the weekend and they were selling one for $240. I flat out told his customer to order from the factory. Bloody rip offs!

4. Get some locktite and go over the bike. Things to watch are the gear lever and the bolts that hold on the rear guard.

Most of the other info can be found by doing a search. I bought my bike sight unseen. But it is the greatest thing out there. The quality of the bike is unreal. I recently saw a CR450 at the Sydney motor show, and I couldn’t believe how cheap it looked. Just little things like the quality of the welds and the seat cover material.

Hope I helped.

Got mine ('02 520 EXC) about a month ago, and Dirk's on the money. Loctite everything with threads (my dealer did this for me and nothing has come loose...other than me... wink.gif), as I've heard about lots of loose bolts.

Thirst wise, I'm seeing about 30mpg (sorry, you'll have to convert to kpl), so about 70+ miles per tank.

Suspenders are tight as bloody hell (lots of stiction) when new. Just run it in a bit before making lots of changes to the clickers (I have a favorite spot that is a bit uphill and covered with 1-2 foot bumps that I use to test new clicker settings, and this seemed to work well to break in the new boingers).

I put a Scott's damper on mine, but that's just my preference. I also put a bash plate on it straight away since I ride in rocky terrain. Oh, I also put on some handguards and a new Trailtech speedo.

One last thing. When you pick it up, get the oil/filters for your first oil change at the same time. The recommendation is for the first oil change after 3hrs., so you might as well save another trip to the dealer.

Have fun! smile.gif


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