o-ring lubrication

I see a lot of chain lube products on the market and am asking for advice on what products others have used and which ones they like... for O-ring chains.

I've used chain waxes for years ... but on the advice of a rider friend ... I tried tech by dumonde (BMP lubricant). It is very tackie and it is a maganet for dirt.

It has a unique smell as well. Bottom line is I want a good lubricant but when I get back from riding and clean my bike I don't want to use a degreaser to remove the residual tacky tech mess. Please advise.

I use chain wax, too. I'm using Maxima right now. I understand Honda has a wax that is a bit cleaner so I'll probably try that when I run low. With an oring chain, the lube is to protect from rust and lube the rollers. I've always believed the sticky stuff just holds the dirt on the chain and makes them wear more quickly.


John Brunsgaard


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I like the new Bel Ray's Super Clean o-ring chain lube.

It goes on white and drys and isn't sticky nor does it attract dirt.

Sorta looks like white litho grease on the chain. Looks like what Suz. and Kaw. puts on their chains from the factory.

I'll second KTM250rm's comments. Bel Ray Super Clean. Used it on the DRZ and now on the KTM 520. So far so good. No gooey mess, so no globs o' dirt.


I'm using Maxima's Chain Wax. Works good and isn't too sticky!

If you have an o-ring or x-ring chain, all you need is wd-40 to keep rust off after getting it wet. Lubticants like super clean are great for reg chains but cannot get past the o-rings. If it does get past than something is wrong. I've had the stock DID x-ring on my 200mxc for 3 years, ridden a lot and only used wd-40. It is still within spec.

WD-40 also.


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WD-40. Works great and my chain and sprockets always last!!!!!!!!!

TRI-FLOW is the very best.

I have a 01 520 and have only used 3 in 1 or sewing machine oil on the chain. I have done at least 2000 miles and have only adjusted the chain twice. The sprockets are good and the chain real clean. A litre of sewing machine oil is around $9 aus. Cheers Wazza

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