Arrow Exhaust for 400 exc

Anyone have this exhaust system. Is it worth it. I hear it is quiet, lighter, adds a bit everywhere (thats what the ads say anyway). Just interested to know if anyone has tried it liked it, worth it etc. Does it come with a spark arrestor. Not sure if I want to change out the stock system or not but you know us riders, always wanting to dabble a bit.

Mike in Roseville.


[ October 31, 2001: Message edited by: billy03 ]

Originally posted by billy03:

[QB]I heard not really good things about that exhaust systems :

bad production quality , to much noise , no spark arrestor.


The new Titanium Exhaust system from the KTM factory in the Powerparts catalouge should be great

The factory Team in 2002 will be use the same one.

link to a KTM Powerparts shop

But this one is also without a spark arrestor.

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