6 year old to join the ranks of the rider

I am kind of jazzed. For Xmas I have purchased my 6 year old an xr50. It will be his first bike. He is short, otherwise I would have opted for the ttr90 but he just is not tall enough yet. I am so jazzed I want him to have it early but I will have to wait. My 12 year old is riding his XR 100 and now the little one will get to ride as well. Isn't this what it is all about in the long run, showing our kids the joy of a good ride. Just thought I would mention this with all the strife going on, that we can still enjoy the things we like to do and show our kids a thing or two along the way. Maybe I need a tissue. wink.gif



2001 KTM 400 exc. No upgrades, comes out of the box ready to ride.

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Yeah Mike, get me a tissue too. Thats great,I have 3 grandsons that still ride with me every winter in the Desert.I can remember buying each of them thier first bike. Oldest one is now 26, so we been riding together a long time. See what you have to look forward to?

I get a bigger kick out of Riding with my boy than anything else....something good we can pass on grin.gif


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'02 YZ250P

'01 KX85

Here is a photo of my 6 year old, sorry the bike is wrong color but the smile on his face sums up the fun :)


Den :D

Mike, I can relate to what you are saying. My fifteen year old son has been riding my 91 300 EXC all summer and has gotten really good on it! I found a cherry 99 300 EXC on eBay with only 14 actual miles.Some Christmas present huh? I went out to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to take delivery of it and have since put on about 75 miles for break in. It's going to be a hard secret to keep but well worth it.

Hey guys,

I totally share your enthusiasm for introducing our sons to bikes. I only get to see my two boys every other weekend (bad topic) but lately we've been going to the various shops and looking at the junior models.

My sons are 8 and 5 and small for their size. I'm thinking of a used XR 50 for the 8 year old to start on until he's ready to move up to the classic 76 YZ-80.

I've been doing the research and am seriously looking at the KTM LC4 line vs DRZ 400S. Probably won't be ready to buy until this spring.


<font color="orange">Ahhhhhh memories. I can still remember the day my Dad brought home my first dirtbike; a 1987 Suzuki JR50 for my 3rd birthday. I still remember how cloudy it was that day. I still remember riding around my backyard that day for the first time on my own dirtbike. I remember how much fun it was riding with my Dad.

Since, I've gone from a KX60 to a YZ80 to a RM125 and now at 16 yrs old, a YZ426F. I still have a lot of fun riding with Dad.

I have even more fun throwing dirt all over Dad! :)

Enjoy the days while they're small because before you know it, you'll be begging them for mercy and asking THEM to slow down.

I'm happy for your son. Its good to see other Dads introducing their kids to motorcycles. Keep them interested and they'll stay out of trouble...most of the time! :D

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My daughter is only 4 but already she is scoping out the PW50's. :) Oh well, I have already raised four bikers I guess one more won't hurt. :D

Something I saw this past weekend:

Let me share a scene that'll warm your heart, right in the middle of suburbia, Northern Virginia.

A father stood in the middle of a vacant grassy field as his son and a young friend took turns putted around on a little mini bike. Parked nearby was their minivan used to transport the fun. The boys took turns sharing the one helmet.

The mini bike was a old thing w/ a 3.5 B&S pull start engine, centrifigal clutch, and little knobby tires. The brake was a flap of steel which rubbed against the tire and slowed the bike.

They where right out in public and it was amazing how quiet it was. I walked over to say hello and ask how they managed to get away with it

I'm sure someone will complain and shut it down. I wish I had my boys with me so they could see how much fun these guys where having.



Your story is really familiar. We just got my 6 year old a '97 JR 50 in June (he was 5). I was so excited to get him started on bikes. My dad got me my first bike when I was 8, a JT60 Yamaha. I have alot of great memories riding with my Dad and look forward to all the ones my son and I will have. I picked up a '75 DT100 for a family play bike for now just to play around with my son. We took him to his first MX race a couple of weeks ago and he got 2nd! He was totally pumped. He keeps asking when we are going to go get another trophy. I am looking at getting the CRF450 to race 30+ class with him. We were supposed to give him the bike for his 6th birthday in Nov. but we couldn't wait. Glad we didn't. He is way to good for the bike now. We are looking at the KTM Pro JR/SR 50's depending on how much he grows between now and spring. I can't beleive how much fun it is even though I'm on a old little bike. We've collected alot of great video footage and are putting together a fast paced rock n' roll MX video for the family for Christmas. Biking gives our family something to enjoy together. My wife is excited about the races. She loves to mingle with the other moms. My 3 year old daughter loves playing with all the other kids at the races. And I can't wait to start challenging myself in the 30+ races. Great to see your story here. Have fun!!

I am getting my son a TTR-90 for xmas... It will be a great bike for a 7 year old to learn on... And it is hard to keep it until the day... I have also had anguish about the riding gear,,, will it fir him etc... it is all stashed away in the top of the cupboard - I WANT him to have it now...

One thing extra - it is a great excuse for dad to get a new bike as well...

Just need to get my two daughters (9 & 6 y/o) mind's off ponies...

I look forward to many hours of fun riding with my son (and hopefully daughters too if they come to their senses... LOL)

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