ok, someone explain these TLAs

not sure if it really does mean anything, but...





No bikes right now. KTM 520 EXC is on the christmas list :) MNevitt@OffroadToyStore.com . Feel Free to chat: Yahoo IM nevitt33, AOL IM Nevitt 33

RFS - Racing Four Stroke


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'02 YZ250P

'01 KX85

Kronrief Trunkenpolz Mattighoffen.

1st two names are the 2 guys who started company, 3rd is the town name in Austria where the factory is.

Actually it really stands for King of The Mountain.

See also www.ktm.co.at



Peter H


CaptainKTM and I get bugged all the time that we ride Kmart Trial Masters (KTM) for bikes...ahhaha this coming from a jap bike rider!! hahha!


ktm 200 exc-on order

99 rm 250-for sale-mint-5000$canadian

K T M Kost Too Much

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