offset triple clamps

I have noticed that you have to sit on the front fender to make the front wheel stick. I do alot of riding in tight rocky area and if you sit in the middle of the seat in the cornors the front wheel wants to push. Therefore, I was thinking about either 16 or 18 degree offset clamps, but I am concerned that it will affect the handling at high speed (desert). Does anyone have any experience with this?

01&02 400 EXC's

Ihave 18mm offset applied triple clamps on my 2001 520 SX. It is rock solid stable at any speed as fast as it will go. I have the 4-speed transmision, so can't comment on stability in 5th or 6th gear. Much more precise turning with the different offset clamps.

You have to set up the suspension properly

to make the bike handle . My bet is that your front end is too soft and that is why it pushes. Try stiffer springs or a stiffer compression setting on the forks. It is also very important to set up the rear preload too. Erik


I'm waiting for my 18mm offset triple clamps from Scotts. I also mounted a steering damper and keep you informed about handling improvement.


I know you guys are probablly sick of this topic but I did a search and read everything. I have an 02 KTM 125SX on the way and have the following question on clamps:

You guys refer to them as 16 or 18 mm offset (I understand the 16mm won"t work for the 2-stroke because of the pipe) but Scotts calls them 2mm offset, why the dif?

Are these clamps just moving the forks to the rear at the stock head angle or are they actually changing the rake?

Manufacturers appear to be Scotts, Factory R&D, Applied and possibly Oberg Sports. Do they all work the same? Which is the best deal?

What is the best place to purchase?

Thanks for any help on this, by the way, I have been riding KTM's for many years.

I've got a brand new set of 18mm Scotts I'll sell for 310.00. Free shipping also.

Ktm mike, Why are you selling them? Do they have the Scotts stabilizer mount for oversized bars? THX.

Mike do the 18mm clamps help that much?how about the 16mm for MX Its alot of money ,do you think a suspension revalve or lowing the subframe might be more noticable.I'm thinking of trading in my 400sx for a CRF if i can't make it turn easier.I don't have a lot of money to try things that don't work.I would really like to keep this bike but i know i can ride faster if i felt more comfortable.I buy oil filters from you guys and value your opinion. thanks goat

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<HR>Originally posted by Frankyz250f:

Ktm mike, Why are you selling them? Do they have the Scotts stabilizer mount for oversized bars? THX.

Take a look at Mike's sig. He's the manager at Cycle Zone KTM. I got my Scott's 18mm clamps, as well as a lot of other KTM parts, from him. Great guy to do business with. Mine were setup for fat bars.

I've got the 18mm Applied clamps on my 01 520SX. Bike is used primarily for motocross, legit Intermediate, 200 pounds. I am still dialing in the handling of this bike - headshake has been a problem. Suspension has been revalved by Dicks Racing (highly recommended). .48's in the front, 9.2 Straight rate in the rear (previously 8.8...too soft). Even with forks flush, bike still exhibited scary headshake (4 speed, stock gearing!) and tired me out really quick. Just bolted on a Scotts stabilizer and rode for the first time with it Sat...big improvement. Now I can slide my forks back up so it turns (and hopefully enjoy the best of both worlds). This is my second KTM ('00 380sx) and I have found that they take a long time to dial in for MX. Suspension is WAY too soft stock and until you set up the suspension with proper springs (and valving if you're heavy/fast), its a 2 cents.

I had a set of them on my '01 400SX. I rode it stock for 3 months or so before I put them on. I never felt "at home" on it until I put them on. I liked it way better in the woods. I never experienced any headshake but I did run a stabilizer. They do come with a stabilizer mount & are set up for the big bars.

I've never lowered the subframe so I can't comment on that. I revalve/respring (as req'd) all my bikes.

Mike, I have a 2002 125 sx coming this weekend. I assume the 18mm offset clamps would be different due to the 48mm fork. Do you have the 02 clamps? What is the cost?


By the way, I cut the subframe on my 200 months ago and it really feels a lot better. Seems to push a lot less in corners.

I don't have the 18mm clamps for the '02 SX models. Actually they are not available right now (from Scott's). They will ready in a few weeks. I can have them to your door for 325.00.

Emig racing has 18mm clamps available for the 48mm forks. Very nice quality.

KTM Mike, thanks, this will give me a few weeks to ride with stock set up without impulse buying.

Motojunkie, Emig's look nice but as I need Scotts stabilizer mount, they will end up a bit pricy. Thanks for info though.

Another nice thing about the Scott's clamps is that they have the pinch bolts in front. That allows the use of a Cycra or SRC style triple clamp mounted inner BB mount. For guys who use BB's, those mounts are awesome. Your bark busters will never rotate again and they free up room on the bars.

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