How Loud is Loud?

Citizen Kane,not every-one is just going "back to whatever they do". Had you been paying attention you would know that mike68 has been active in trying to keep riding areas open.If you yourself have been taking a positive,pro-active part in keeping our riding priveledges,please let us hear all about it.Or perhaps you are too afraid that you and your family will be persecuted by some kind of secret Socialist SS.You could at least consider registering on this forum,then maybe a few more people would take your two cents at face value.

My pal has a 99 WR400, he changed his pipe from the stock item to a pro circuit pipe cos the stock pipe is so damn ugly and heavy.

I have a 01 WR426 , and luckily the stock pipe is well made and presentable, and makes the bike as quiet as a mouse... when we go out riding the noise from his bike attracts so much attention and even irritates me riding alongside, both bikes have awesome power and neither of us are competing to the point where a few horsepower will make any difference. These pipes are LOUD. damn loud, and thats from a guy who is not normally bothered by noise at all. He is contemplating putting the stock pipe back on, but pro circuit pipe is beautifull in comparison... pitty about the noise

Thanks for the input Pete, sorry I ruffled your panties.

Just for the sake of correct information.

According to NIOSH (national institute of occupational safety and health) noise energy doubles every 3 db.

According to OSHA it doubles every 5 db.

MSHA (Mine safety and health association) used to use the 4db doubling factor.

Remember, that is a doubling of energy, that does not mean that it is twice as loud. Different frequencies are percieved differently. High frequencies are more annoying than low frequencies (think of your wifes whining voice). By the way, I live in the country and ride bikes. I don't mind the noise myself but I do notice that when a neighbor (3/4 of a mile away) rides, I can hear him very clearly, every shift. I think he is running alittle fat on the jetting. Never met him, just guessing from the sound of his bike.

Sooooooo, what are the best pie combos for the YZF that would be the quietest, with the least impact on performance ? spark arrestor included and weight a consideration.

the New Big Gun w/ quiet core, Stroker Sx-1 w/ FMF Power Bomb and....?

Does anyone know the "official" method for taking a db reading? Does the Forest Service use specific procedures when measuring your noise level? Now I'm curious just how loud my pipe really is in the eyes of Mr. Ranger.


Most of you see yourselves as politically correct people. You really need to get off your high horses, the fact that I ride a WR for the intent of racing doesn't mean I am hurting our sport. I have a feeling that most of you trail ride and have dualsported your bikes. The bike was not intended to be a street bike, yet you will manipulate the DMV with fake blinkers, fake lighting systems and motocross tires, don't think for a minute that you are politically correct. By doing this you are not helping matters. There are reasons why street bikes are street bikes, because they meet the criteria of being reasonable means of transportation.

I've heard comments like "why do you need more power anyway?" because as the bike sits in stock trim it just isn't up to par. I have no interest in riding your WR 400 street bike with a flywheel weight. In my opinion that's just a crying shame.


Dan (bad apple) sup Brian :)

Dan, your right, you can do what you want. For now.

A deciBel is a tenth of a Bel. 3 dB = 0.3 Bel. The difference in amplitude on the waveform will be 10^Bel, or 10^0.3 which equals 1.995 increase in amplitude on my calculator. This is why they say the sound amplitude doubles every 3 dB. 10 dB = 1 bel, so 10^1=10 times increase in amplitude. So a 104 dB pipe has a sound wave with ten times as much amplitude as a 94 dB pipe! But a good point has been made that sound wave amplitude is not the whole story; the human ear does not percieve sound increase linearly, and different frequencies are also perceived differently.

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Sorry to inform you, but you are incorrect. At least in my state anyways. Directionals are not required to pass inspection on motorcycles in NH. The use of hand signals is accepted with exception of the brake light. The brake light must work, which is a peice of cake, A bulb horn, and a rear veiw mirror. DOT tires not required UNLESS you intend to ride in the interstate.

The headlight must work, but does not require a battery. As long as it works while riding.

High horses??? Sorry, wrong answer again. If we came up with a solution and all the trails we have could remain open, then we would all be sitting on our high horses.

Right now, a lot of riders horses have broken legs due to lost riding areas. This discussion is about adressing one of the issues causing trail closures and preventing new trail openings.

I suppose in other states people manipulate their bikes so they can dual sport. In a lot of cases it is becuase the trails they used to use are now CLOSED. You are right in that it doesn't help either.

It is america and you can do what you want. I agree with you on closed course racing. Race bikes are expected to be louder

than a trail bike. Winston cup is extreemly loud, and if you live near NHIS speedway, you expect to hear it when winston cup comes around. It becomes a problem when people don't expect to hear it or don't want to hear it.

This discussion is for all to read and maby some will take it into consideration when thay go trail riding. You said youself when you do dual sport rides you put a vortex tip in your exhaust. You try to quiet the bike a little when you ride in a group or on trails. Obviously you know it is an important issue that impacts our sport. Thats more than what a lot of people do.


You are right, we need to work together. Donating money to the cause helps, but it is our actions while riding that will determine the future of the sport. With population on the rise and OHV sales going through the roof, we are going to be sharing land with the greenies and normal outdoorsmen. We are going to see more and more people in the woods. The impresion we make will determine if more people turn into greenies or not.

I am just starting to learn about this stuff and trying to get involved a little. It is overwhelming at times. Both groups need a reality check. OHV vehicles do do some damage so trails need to be maintained and riding areas need to be kept clean. Greenies need to stick to the facts and come back down to earth. There are people on bothe sides of the fence that neeed a "bitch slap." I have done things as a youth that I should have been bitch slapped for. I am far from perfect.


Keep up the good work.

Citizen Kane- no offence meant and none taken.Just trying to put things into perspective - there is a valid noise issue, there are people out there who are working at keeping our riding areas open, there are solutions to the supposed problems that greenies have,and it's not really "us against them".Like it or not,we're all in this together,the greenies are your fellow Americans and that means that most of them have similiar hopes,dreams and aspirations. The United States is one of the best places in the world to live and it didn't get that way with all kinds of internal factions back-biting and fighting each other(despite what your politicians do).Leave the internal strife for the third world.Oh,by the way,now is probably a good time to register too!

You guys are going to make me break out all the noise crap I accumulated at my last job aren't you? If I remember correctly, 2-3dB change is the difference that a human ear can detect & 6dB is a doubling of the sound power in a free field environment. I MAY BE WRONG, but I think that is what the acoustic folks at our jet engine division told me. The difference in soundwave wave lengths is handled via 'weigthed' scales - A, B, C & D.

Dan - I have to disagree with you on the noise vs street legal comparison. I've never considered myself PC & I am offended that you have accused of me of such :) Grandma Mildred wouldn't know the difference between a factory street legal dualsport & my converted WR (yes, I run non-DOT tires) - hell, most Police Officers don't (CHP is an entirely different story). However, Grandma Mildred definetly knows a quiet bike vs 104dB - even with her questionable hearing...

The fact is that the general public doesn't distinguish the difference of 'closed course' vs 'quiet core/DS' - especially when the closed course is on public land.

Dan - you gonna be at the Penguins DS in SLO on 4/8?


This topic is just one issue. There are 3 or 4 others that contribute to our problems relating to non riders, outdoorsmen and of course the greenies. To get involved in repairing our bad rap can only be done through our own actions. Often people say they don't have time to get involved. If you have time to ride, you are involved. Everyone who has made a post on this topic knows noise is an issue. Most who ride know that rutting and erosion is an issue and ignorant riders are an issue. We know we create some of our pwn problems so what do we do? I don't know yet and I'm for any sugestions. This is what I am thinking.

Say it starts with us. We have all discussed it and would like to make a difference or contribute somehow. What would happen if we started discussing this topic to this extent with our friends to start. Give them something to think about as well. Don't let them give you the "F'that I like it loud" answer. We can all help just by practicing what we speak of and spreading the word. Rider awareness. It's free, easy and can be done while drinking beers. If I see someone doing something stupid on the trails, wrecking property, littering and things like that I will run them down and speak my mind (if i can catch them). If I don't they will keep doing it and may anyway. Everyone can get involved by riding responsibly. I am sorry for always pushing my thoughts on all of you, but if you do the same to others it may go somewhere. Sorry for so many long winded posts.

Mike, Renegades? You're starting to scare me!!

I think your helmet's on too tight... Dan

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I hate to register on any subject,Pete, you win. I am not here to upset anybody, just trying to get you guys a heads up. I have a deep respect for all of you, so try to understand what I am saying.

I said on a earlier post that your efforts are directed in the wrong direction. The Sierra Club Manifest is not about noise or any other reason they use. Their overall agenda is to control the world population. I can hear some of you laughing now. I will use some of their tactics now. What if I am right?

Get a copy of "The Sierra Club Handbook for Environmental Activities", with introduction by Ralph Nader, it was published in 1970.I hope this will start more discussion in that direction and Mike68 keeping his effort going also. We all have a vested interest, our freedom.

I am not saying I am old, but my first bike was a 30 inch 1951 Vellocett and I was the second owner.

Citizen Kane,

I am going to try to get a copy of the handbook. Although I have had discussions with siera club members and will be targeting other clubs in NH, my biggest concern is the general public.

Hypothetical situation.

A person lives in a house. (Good start) There property borders woods, powerlines etc. Every now and then these bikes go by, noisy as hell, don't slow down when they are out there walking the dog so they need to jump out of the way and get stuck breathing dust. One day they find out about siera club or some other environmental groups that will fight these "renegade" bikers. You can bet your ass this person sends money and becomes a greenie. Now who's fault is it that this person became a greenie?

Believe it or not, I do get some work done during the day.


For some reason, that was the terminology both ATV clubs and environmental groups used for riders who abuse their priviliges.

Go figure.



I agree that we need to be respectful of others while we are out riding. I also agree with the message Kane is trying to get across. Groups like the Sierra Club will use whatever issue is expedient to attain their goals. I have a copy of 'A citizen handbook for off-road motor vehicle regulation', taken from the Sierra Club's web site. Here's a quote, "The information in this handbook will reinspire citizens by providing the opportunity to reclaim and restore a healthy nonmotorized world."

I applaud you and encourage you to continue with your efforts, but be wary of your adversary and keep both of his hands in sight.

Keep up the good work.


To your own self be true!!

Great discussion guys!! I have spent more time in the last year attending forums and representing the interests of dirt riders than I have spent on the bike. Public land management is not simple, the problem with the Eco groups is not so much their direct influence as their effect on public opinion and the effect that has on public policy. Not many of you would be comfortable being politically involved or even running a civil rights campaign to counter the Eco effect and you probably wouldn't handle the stress for long. Nor is it nessessary for all of us to conform to any set type of behaviour. As far as how each of us can contribute, it's a matter of consideration verses personal freedom and expression; we simply need to go as far as each of us can comfortably go. For instance a group who ride together may simply clean up after themselves or they can take their trailers up to a favorite spot and cart out other peoples rubbish. Others might go further and start a clean-up campaign, inviting all sorts of users to get together and have a clean up day. The local press loves to help with that sort of thing. But don't feel bad if you don't have the time or skills to do that. A few noisy bikes can leave a bad impression, but that works both ways. The pursuit of happiness bit means that we should accept what others do and try to set an example. Everyone who has contributed to this discussion has indicated that they have their own civil conscience, there is not right and wrong here. Just do the best you can. Good luck guys from Harry!!

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