How Loud is Loud?


I share your frustration. Our system of government only works when the people have a say in policymaking. Many land use issues are being decided behind closed doors by special interest groups and bureaucrats. We must hold our elected officials responsible for the policies that are made by their appointed bureaucrats. I honestly doubt the effectiveness of online polls, or letters to Chief Dombeck, but I participate anyway. I support the BRC & the AMA, since they battle the greens on the same turf. In order to have an impact on our elected officials, we must find a way to sway public opinion in our favor. Since OHV'ers are a "minority" group compared to the general population, we'll need to develop some powerful friends in the media. If we focus on the criminalization of our right to travel, we might have a fighting chance...

Well I found two more cents to throw into the pot, I think this will create some mixed feelings about gun control and offroading.

This is a artical I read in the local newspaper last week, written by L.E. Dowdy, who lives in Oregon.

Quote;" Ecotactics: The Sierra Club Handbook for Environmental Activist" with introduction by Ralph Nader, was published in 1970.It outlines the strategies to take over the necessary aspects of government, education and the news media of the United States to formulate a world of their making under the control of the United Nations. Their goals have almost been completly achieved.

Under the chapter titled "The UNESCO Manifest",(UNESCO is the acronym for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), part of the agenda calls for "The creation of national and global plans for the determination of optimal population levels, and human distribution patterns". Further development of population control is found under the heading "Population: The Vital Revolution", which mentions in Section XII early human practices of population control,which includes infanticide, abortion, sexual taboos,treatment of aged and ill and acceptance of disaster. Section XIII of the same chapter lists genetic control of food crops, domesticated animals, human populations and genetic warfare. One has only to read current headlines to recognize what was set in motion over thirty years ago.

If you think the so-called environmental movement in this country is about saving so-called endangered fish, plants and animals, think again. The fundamental goal of these organizations is poeple control. The Green, Socialist, Communist and Democratic parties all have the same objectives when it comes to the environment, abortion and the use of "Ecotactics". They also advocate the same means of suppressing any potential resistance to their manifestoes. It's called gun control

This upsets me!

Well I must say that this has been one of the widest-ranging and most interesting topics that I can recall.I have definitely had my eyes opened several times(Thnx.C.Kane),and I have learned a lot.I've discovered that there are many issues that we need to address and noise is just one of them. I now know that there are highly organized,politically and socially motivated groups out there that oppose us,and possibly could threaten our quality of life. However, one of the best things that I have discovered is the knowledge and depth of the members on this B.B. It is not often that you can find such informed commentary and intelligent debate as we see here on T-talk. That alone says volumes about who we are, collectively speaking,and what we can accomplish.Even if the attitudes and intelligence of the members of this B.B. represents only a small percentage of the world-wide off-road motorcycling community, we are in good shape to beat the greenies at their own game.All is far from being lost,in fact I believe that our "finest hour" has yet to come! - Just my 2 cents. P.Z. :)

Well said Pete.

Thank you Ron, for starting this thread and thank you Pete, for reading my post and understanding the depth of them, as confusing as they were.

Some of the younger generation haven't been informed of the real threat to our sport and our freedom. Some would say it's so far off the wall that it can't be true. I commend all of you on TT.

Bad Apples Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

way to go dan, huge

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