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Hey I might need to ship a dirt bike from the midwest (Minnesota) to Northern Ca., does anyone have a suggestion about the best and most cost effective way to have it done?



Forward Air is pretty good, I know a bunch of people that have used them. You take it to their nearest terminal and you have to pick it up at your nearest terminal.

click on "Container Freight Stations"

Also most freight Co. will hall a bike in a fuel...battery unhooked... I bought a Buell from a guy in Ohio and had it shipped out Yellow Freight before I knew about Forward Air.


Chris in the Mojave

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I check a bunch of different sources and found this to be the cheapest and they did a good job!

Check your local yellow pages. About four years ago when the cop’s thought they found my stolen GSX-R in CO I found a company that drives from coast to coast picking up and delivering bikes door to door. They wanted 300.00 to ship from CO to L.A.

I did quite a bit of pricing about two months ago. Forward Air blew everyone out of the water. You have to provide a crate and crate the bike up (no big deal). You can ship a dirtbike from coast to coast for approx. $250. Was going to cost less than $200 to ship my dad's KTM from Nashville TN to New York. Was going to cost $215 to ship a KX250 from Seattle WA to Nashville TN.

Give them a call and you'll have a quote in less than two minutes.

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