yz 426 question

i have a 2001 yz 426 i have a stock foam filter im thinking switching to uni or twin air or something like that i thinking im leaning towards the uni what do you think is the best to buy

you will probably get alot of opinions on wich is best, i have tried all kinds, i use the no toil air filter because after every cleaning it comes out looking like it never was used, spotless, plus everytime i buy the cleaner and oil for it ,there is a mail in cupon for a free air filter.

I also have an '01 and use Uni filters. They have held up very well and have given me no reason to complain about them. That being said, I think any of the filters you mentioned will work great as long as you clean them regularly. IMO filter maintenance is more important than filter brand. Pick one and go with it.

i like my twin air because its one layer compared to the two layers in the uni

I've used both, currently running a UNI Filter. I haven't noticed any difference between the two. Just clean em' every couple of rides, depending on conditions.

I get the NoToils as they are REALLY easy to clean with the detergent that comes with the filters and spray oil.. No solvents/thinners and messy oil..

I have a uni...never steared me wrong...thats all that I have ever ran in my bikes....did that twin air thing 4 awhile and I hated them.....plus unlike NoToil filters you can run what ever oil ya want in uni's. (notoil's oil, uni's oil (spray, not raw....exc....exc...)

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