I'm in need of some tough handlebars I can mount on my stock 86 XR600R triple clamps....Anyone have any advice?

I would suggest Pro-Taper CR/High bends with the risers to accept the bigger wall size. They work really great and the upgrade to control and looks are well worth the cost.

I agree... I have run tapers on my bike for 4 years, and they have taken a beating, and hold strong. I wouldn't buy any other bars.

What do the bars and kit go for?

Last time I checked, the bars were about 100, and the spacer kit I think was somewhere in the range of 50-75, but don't quote me on that...

Sweet thanks again...I'll get some this weekend since the ones on there now look like a pretzel lol

I personally have the KX High bend pro tapers, they are the tallest bend that pro taper makes short of the Pastrana (I think) freestyle bend.

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